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Buckaroo® Leatherworks Pty. Ltd. is unique to the tools and hardware industries not only because of the specialised products dedicated to professional use but also because the company is the manufacturer. 

Backed by the Australian Made Campaign, all users of Buckaroo® products can be assured they are buying a quality Australian product. Buckaroo® maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship, service, durability and above all tradition and love for the craft of working with leather.

The business started as a one man operation back in 1971 by the late Kenneth Van Der Water. He was a leatherworker, industrial designer, machinist and family man who designed and crafted footwear, handbags, belts and leather accessories for men and women. The business diversified in the 1990s when cheap imports began to flood Australia. It became fragile and almost ended as a result but the fighting spirit kicked in and, after seeing a need, Ken set out to revolutionise the way tradies carried their tools. 

In 2001 Buckaroo® ceased selling direct to the public and began developing an extensive network of resellers. The company now distributes its quality products through hundreds of resellers across Australia. International distribution throughout Asia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA is also growing. 

The range of Buckaroo® Tradesmen’s Gear has remained relevant to its core tradespeople customers but has more recently appealed to a broader customer who values quality, authenticity and functionality – regardless of what they do for a living.

Buckaroo® products are now sold through DIY networks, Gardening outlets and hobby stores. Leather tool belts, tool bags, utility belts and work belts are specialty items available from Buckaroo®.

The Buckaroo® factory is located in North Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
The skilled workforce manufactures all products that are destined for domestic and international customers. Quality control is undertaken at each step of production. 

Buckaroo® products are proudly Australian Made and Buckaroo Leatherworks Pty. Ltd. has been a member and advocate of the Australian Made Campaign for over 20 years.

Manufacturing in Australia is becoming an important part of our message. Not only are our products made here, we also select Australian produced materials including webbing, leathers, copolymer and metal parts. 

Buckaroo® is committed to continuing to manufacture in Australia and support local jobs and directly contribute to the industries supplied.

The Construction and Mining sectors are more viable when teamed with local supply.

This is why Buckaroo® is the preferred supplier to many industries and local corporations. 

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Every product designed and made by Buckaroo® is done so with the intention of it being the best quality possible whilst also being the most practical solution. Buckaroo® carry an extensive range specialising and dedicated to professional tradies and their equipment storage needs.

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