Australian Made


Every dollar invested in products made here benefits the country in terms of factories and offices built, jobs created, goods and services purchased, taxes paid and welfare payments reduced. Consumers want to buy Australian because they know the product commonly exceeds their expectations and will be made to meet Australian standards, and they know that by buying Australian they are helping keep jobs in Australia. 

Buckaroo® products are proudly 100% Made in Australia. Not only are our products made here, we also select Australian produced materials including webbing, leathers, copolymer and metal parts.

Buckaroo Leatherworks Pty. Ltd has been a member and advocate of the Australian Made Campaign for over 20 years. All Buckaroo® products proudly display

 the Australian Made logo, a symbol representing genuine Australian products. This symbol is locally and internationally recognised and represents confidence, quality and authenticity. 

Buckaroo® is committed to continuing to manufacture in Australia and support local jobs and directly contribute to the industries supplied. The Construction and Mining sectors are more viable when teamed with local supply. This is why Buckaroo® is the preferred supplier to many industries and local corporations. 

The reputation of Buckaroo Leatherworks Pty. Ltd as a company and the entire product range has been built on the ability to provide high performing products designed for a specific need. This has been teamed with excellent customer service and genuine product guarantees and after sales service.

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