Q. Where are Buckaroo products made?

All products are made in our factory located in North Wollongong, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Q. Where can I buy Buckaroo gear from?

Buckaroo products are available through quality tool and hardware specialist stores. Go to the ‘Where to buy’ section on our site for a full stockist listing.

Q. What if there are no stockists near me?

Contact us and we will help you out!

Q. Can you make your products to suit left-handers?

Yes we can. This is considered a special make and at no extra cost, we can make anything to suit left handed users. Contact your nearest stockist to place an order.

Q. How are your belts sized?

Our belts are sized by standard waist measurements and in either centimetres or inches. The size is important to ensure you are getting perfect fit. 

Q. Do you sell direct to the public?

We do not sell direct to the public or end users. We are confident buyers of our product are getting great service through our resellers and distributors.

Q. Where did the name Buckaroo come from?

Buckaroo came about as a family decision as was chosen due to its link to the meaning 'cowboy'.

Q. Who designs new products for the range?

Tradies! Design, innovation and sampling has always been a team effort at Buckaroo. We work with tradies to deliver the best possible design and concept and then trial the item to make sure it not only suits the need but looks good!

Q. I am overseas - how do I buy your gear?

Contact us and we will help you out!

Q. How many belts do Buckaroo make each year?

We manufacture about 100,000 belts every year. This includes our belts for Tradies, Miners and those for workwear and uniforms.

Q. What is copolymer and why does Buckaroo use it on their products?

Copolymer coated webbing is an innovative Australian invention manufactured in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. It is a completely non toxic product that has replaced leather in many industries including the equestrian industry. We have chosen to use it because of its hard wearing, high performance properties. Leather often doesn't last in extreme climatic conditions so we use copolymer to ensure our products go the distance. It is more expensive than leather but has cheaper manufacturing costs as there is less pre-production required. It has a breaking strength of over 1 tonne, leather being at a couple of hundred kilos. It doesn't dry, crack or harden like leather and it doesn't need wearing in. it is also waterproof and results in less maintenance for the end user.

Q. How do I find out if my tool, phone, item etc will fit?

If you cannot see dimensions of the product on our website, email us with your enquiry and we would be only happy to assist.